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Good Service is Key

Good Service is Key

The success or failure of a restaurant does not depend on its ambience, décor, or even food, to some extent. What truly helps a restaurant succeed is the quality of its service. If your services do not meet or exceed customers’ expectations, your restaurant will not do well. 

In 2021, restaurants have to take service up several notches compared to even just a year ago. With COVID-19 and social distancing protocols, for example, customers will be more conscious of sanitary practices when eating out. Customers who are coming back to a restaurant after some time away are also just generally going to expect a very high level of service. Here is what it takes to ensure your restaurant is offering great service in 2021. 



Accept Complaints Without Arguments

As a restaurant owner, you surely know the golden rule of customer service: “The customer is always right.” 

In reality, many times customers are wrong too, but it won’t do your restaurant any good to argue with them. Instead, train your staff to be empathetic and understanding regarding customer complaints and dissatisfaction. An apology and quick efforts to correct the issue can go a long way toward high quality customer services. 

Excellent tactics in dealing with even the most irate customers will win your restaurant big points. 


Complimentary Items Win Customers Over

Expanding the CLV (customer lifetime value) is just as important in a restaurant as in other types of businesses. CLV means the money that the customers will spend on your business for as long as they use your service. 

Restaurants can capitalize on CLV by giving incentives to customers to keep them coming back. One way to that is through complimentary items—and we all love these at restaurants, quite honestly. From mixed drinks, desserts, signature brews, or appetizers, free tidbits can really please the crowd. 


Impeccable Service from Every Staff Member

Restaurants often focus so much on the front staff that they give little attention to the rest of the team. It is highly important to ensure that each member of your service team, from the cooks, maintenance crew, guards, restroom cleaners, janitors etc. are all performing excellently. 

Customers will note how clean or dirty the washrooms were, how well your valet service took care of their parking convenience, how well your representative handled the reservations, and a lot more. Do not overlook any opportunity for your team to wow your customers with excellent service.


This is the age of social media, and part of your services should include engaging customers by running contests and similar promotions across social media platforms. Announce giveaways like a free meal for two or free wine tasting to start conversations over these platforms.

Contests and giveaways are sure to attract more and more customers, in addition to serving them delicious food. 


Keep Things Happening at Your Restaurant

Monotony is soon going to bore your customers, and they may look elsewhere for excitement. Entice them over and over to your restaurant by organizing special events time and again. Something like weekend specials, Sunday night treats, or a happy hour can often make their visit more exciting.  

Customers love a place where there’s mouthwatering food, fantastic drinks, and a party happening all in one place. Restaurants that offer nothing more exciting than a good meal or two will soon lose its popularity among the party crowd. 


Disruptive Customers: Put on Your Best Show

Restaurants can often have disruptive customers. It’s not really a good show to have your guards forcefully remove the customer from the restaurant, especially when other diners are present. The best approach is to train your staff to deal safely, effectively, and smartly with problematic customers.

For example, if they note a customer getting rowdy with increased alcohol consumption, the trick is to stop serving them more helpings immediately. 

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