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Gotta Love Seafood!

Gotta Love Seafood!

When you think of seafood, what is the first image that pops into your mind? Perhaps what comes to  mind is a large broiled fish on a plate, skin on, with a garnish and a lemon on the side. There's nothing inherently wrong with that image, but to some who do not enjoy seafood, it's not particularly appetizing.  The good news for squeamish prospective seafood eaters is that there is a breadth of different seafood  dishes for all.  

Water covers 71% of the earth's surface, and researchers estimate that those waters are host to nearly one  million different species. The diversity of these creatures is a fascinating study that can teach us a lot about the underwater world, but it also allows for a variety of dietary options and traditions around the  globe. Bony fishes, crustaceans, and mollusks are just some of the many undersea animals that cultures  across the world have incorporated into their delicious culinary traditions. In this article, we at The Foodie  Channel will explore the many possibilities these traditions offer and push back on some of the most  common misconceptions about seafood. 


Seafood Favorites

Fish and Chips 

There are countless ways to utilize and prepare seafood. In Britain and Scotland, fish and chips reign  supreme. Fish and chips are a European dish that usually combines a breaded and fried fish, most often cod, with what we in America refer to as French fries.  

From there, excited eaters can dip the fish and chips in the sauce of their choice — often horseradish, malt  vinegar, or tartar sauce. The result is a juicy strip of fish with a crunch and a rich flavor. Accompanied  with a side of fries — erm, chips — the dish is irresistible and a perfect starting point for those reluctant to jump into seafood.  

In this video, we demonstrate how to make perfect fish and chips: 

Our method of cooking fish and chips is simple, but this does not mean that the technique is careless.  Rather, it is the care that one puts into creating seafood that makes the dish unique and delicious. Keep in  mind that cooking seafood is a process that takes time and attention to detail. By following our instructions, you'll undoubtedly end up with a great result.


Native to the North Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, salmon is also an exceptional choice of seafood for  anyone looking to dip their toes in the water (no pun intended). Salmon is high in protein and healthy fats,  low in calories, and contains no carbohydrates, making it an ideal pick for those looking to watch their  figure. Salmon can be cooked in many ways — we at The Foodie Channel utilize time-tested salmon  cooking techniques to show you how to prepare the tasty fish. With ingredients like a honey glaze and  teriyaki, you're sure to find a recipe that fits your tastes. For those interested in trying salmon, look no further than our recipe below. 

(You can get all of our unmissable recipes for those meals and more here.)  


However, one of the most common fish used to introduce reluctant people to seafood is tilapia. Tilapia  has a meatier texture, meaning that those more used to chicken and turkey may find tilapia an easier transition than a softer fish.  

Many dishes in which one would use chicken can also accommodate tilapia. Our video tutorial on how to  make parmesan tilapia is one such recipe and is a clear crowd-pleaser. By utilizing our mixture of the  tangy flavors of mayonnaise, the savory notes of basil, and, of course, parmesan cheese, you can easily  achieve a rich, meaty fish with a crispy exterior. Pairing the fish with a variety of sides ensures that every plate is unique and that there is something for everyone. 


On the crustacean side of things, we can also show you how to prepare juicy, succulent lobster tails.  Lobster also has a meaty texture enjoyed even by those who would not typically gravitate toward seafood — making it a perfect entry point for the hesitant.  


Although this time fried in oil, our delicious crab cakes feature a similar texture to the lobster. Using  shredded crab meat, mayonnaise, egg, dijon mustard, and a few other ingredients, we achieve a rich, flavorful crabcake that punches outside its weight. With a moist center and a delightfully crunchy exterior, this dish is sure to win over even the ultra seafood-reluctant. 


Seafood can be a tricky thing. In many of our minds, seafood's incorrect reputation as being slimy and unappetizing (see below) precedes it. The truth, however, could not be more different. 

In reality, seafood encompasses numerous styles, traditions, and flavors — meaning that there's plenty of room for everyone to find their favorite dishes. 

Whether you consider yourself a seafood fan or not, there are nearly countless options for tasty dishes  centered on food that comes from under the sea. We at The Foodie Channel hope that you will go out and experience these flavors yourself. We're sure you won't regret it.

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