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The Perfect Brazilian Cuisine

The Perfect Brazilian Cuisine

Rio de Janeiro is known for its bright nightlife and party scene and the charming people. Yet there’s another side of Rio that is too often skipped over, and that’s the food. The culinary scene in Rio is unique, delicious, and so very affordable!

The food is excellent whether you’re heading down the Copacabana Boardwalk or taking in the sites from Pão de Açucar Mountain. You can find top-quality cuisine all over Rio. Luckily for American tourists, the Brazilian currency, the real, is 5 times less than a US dollar, depending on the time of year. My favorites were breakfast and the Copacabana Boardwalk, read on to learn more!

Don't Skip Breakfast!

If you’re looking to start off your day in Rio, you have to try a Brazilian breakfast. I wasn’t aware previously, but they go all out in a way that I hadn’t seen in most American Cafes. 

My breakfast at Grao Raro Café was served all in one package. You could choose between small, medium, and large Café da Manha (breakfast) sizes. We ordered a medium package that came with eggs and bacon, waffles, toasted bread and butter, and orange juice. I ordered a latte as well. 

In other places I’ve eaten breakfast in Rio, the larger breakfast packages often included sausage, coffee, eggs, toast, cake, juice, and sometimes pancakes and waffles too. Brazilians like to eat a big breakfast, and I always felt energized and healthy afterward. Nothing was overly fattening, and the portions were just enough. 

The great thing about breakfast here is that it only costs about $7.00 in American money! 

Copacabana Boardwalk

During my day in Rio, I really wanted to check out Copacabana Boardwalk. It’s infamous for being the center of activity in the city, and I loved seeing the local vendors out in the sunshine. During lunch, this place was packed and there were several stands as well as bars where you could order food. 

I will say that the food in Copacabana is quite a bit more expensive than in other neighborhoods of the city, but it’s worth it. It’s probably more around the price of a US lunch. The bars that run a business on the beach work there for a reason! The food is perfect and a great way to get a taste of real Brazilian cuisine. 

I tried calamari, fries, black beans, rice, and salad. We also ordered cocktails here in Copacabana later in the night, which was also excellent. Each cocktail is around 2 dollars in U.S currency.

The greatest part of having food and drinks on the beach was the live music. The bars on Copacabana Boardwalk hire local singers, musicians, and bands to play traditional Brazilian music such as Pagoda, and they even covered some songs in English! 

I stopped for a smaller meal after lunch in Copacabana, in the district of Lapa. If you’ve never seen Lapa, check out the Lapa Arches. It’s a beautiful Portuguese structure that still stands today. 

On the right side of the Escadaria Selaron, a famous artistic-style staircase in the heart of the city, you can find the restaurant Hoje Tem Curry, which translates to today you have curry! It is an authentic Indian restaurant in Rio, and one of the only ones there! 

I’m a lover of curry, so I really wanted to try it out. The Naan bread was perfectly made with garlic butter and the curry itself was delicious. I wanted to go back before I’d even left the restaurant! The best part was that afterward we were able to take photos on the staircase outside and see some of the local art. There were also vendors selling handmade art at the bottom of the staircase.   

I hope that one day you have the opportunity visit Rio and enjoy it and the wonderful Brazilian food and friendly ambiance as much as I did!

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